If you are wondering to apply study in Germany, this step by step will help you to complete all the requirements you need. Follow these 8 steps and you can start to plan to go to study in Germany.

  1.    Find your study program. Finding a study program that fits with your interest is the first step to plan your study in Germany.
  2.    Meet with all requirements needed before the application opened. Ensure you have prepared this 2 weeks before it opened. Check the university websites and their requirement admission section.
  3.    Learn the German Language. The success is depending on your skills on the German language even when your program is English taught program. Have a well-known German language will guarantee you to comprehend the study materials, understand what your lecturer taught while in class and able to express your thought in a proper way.
  4.    Get your financial support resources. This step should take at least 2 weeks before you apply for the German student visa. This step ensures you have the required financial means for living and study in Germany.  Under a recent law, every foreign non-EU and non-EEA student should have proper financial means for finance them while they stay and study in Germany. An international student in Germany should possess minimum €8.640 that estimated enough for a student to cover their cost living for the first year of their studies.
  5.    Apply for admission. Do this as soon as when you complete all the requirements.
  6.    Get Germany student visa. As soon as when you accept admission letter, get this Germany student visa.
  7.    Find Accommodation. Accommodation for international student in Germany is not too expensive. Find which one that suitable for you.
  8.    Enroll at university. Enroll the course where you have been admitted to your university.  The enrollment process will take a successful applicant to registered as Germany student.

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