Watch winder has become such a debatable topic in recent years. In the watch collector community, it is quite common to see a Rolex being put in a watch winder. This raises some questions: Can watching winder break your Rolex? Is it necessary to put your Rolex in an automatic watch winder box? Check out this article to find the answer to those questions.

Is it Necessary to Put a Rolex in Watch Winder?

No, it’s not, especially if you wear your Rolex regularly. Continuous hand movement will cause your watch to wound normally without any need of watch winder. You want to put your watch in an automatic watch winder box if you try to avoid manually resetting and winding your watch every morning. Moreover, some features in mechanical watches such as the moon calendar can require a tedious amount of work to reset. Putting your watch in a watch winder will eliminate those processes.

Can Watch Winder Breaks a Rolex Watch?

Yes, it can. Choosing a low quality watch winder can damage your Rolex. Any watch winder with excessive turns per day (TPD) will cause your watch to wear out and break. A low quality watch winder motor can also cause damage in your watch due to magnetism. All of which will result in your watch becoming inaccurate. To avoid damaging your Rolex, use a Rolex watch winder or a watch winder that is built specific for your watch. 

Is a Watch Winder Good for Vintage Rolex?

Well, it depends. Do you want to risk breaking your vintage Rolex for the sake of convenience? Some vintage watches use an older caliber than any modern watch. Older calibers also have different damage resistance compared to the modern one. Putting your vintage Rolex watch in a watch winder case could potentially cause some springs to be overwound which can result in your vintage watch requiring a costly repair.

On the other hand, a watch winder could ensure your vintage watch get the proper lubrication.

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